Stories for Impact are incredibly proud to be the publisher of the new Humans of Kangaroo Island book. A 78-page hardcover, this stylish and glossy coffee table book holds many stories of island residents giving a glimpse into life on the island before, during and after the fires and through the pandemic.

Kangaroo Island is a tight-knit community of self-reliant people passionate about farming, food, art, animals, nature, and sport. But even the tough become daunted. Lurching from one tragedy to the next, the worldwide pandemic overwhelmed the recovery of an island who had already lost it all during the devastation of the Black Summer fires in early 2020. These still hard-working, positive, and resilient people share stories from their childhoods, talk about their home countries and cultures, and reveal their personal and poignant struggles as they reflect on their changing world. In this thoughtful book, Kangaroo Islanders of all ages reminisce about what makes their island home so special and why they can’t imagine living elsewhere.

From the original soldier settlers to local firefighters, wise elders, doctors and young school students, these wonderful local humans give an insight into island life before and after bushfires amidst a global virus, with glimmers of insight for people across the world. This is authentic storytelling at its best—raw and genuine—delving into the tragedies of life, the highs and lows experienced across generations, and the emotional aftermath following a natural disaster.

Sales of this story collection will benefit the Kangaroo Island community.