Writing should come from the heart, and when it does, it creates magic. All of my stories have great meaning to me because I connect with the people I write for. Firstly understanding why and how you do things—no matter if in business, community or on a personal level.

Creating a connection creates trust and you can trust me to represent you in the most authentic way possible.

What People Say

“We were extremely happy with Sabina’s support and service writing Regan’s article. Sabrina has great knowledge in what’s needed in an article for both social media and news papers. It was easy to contact Sabrina and she was very approachable. I liked that we got to check the article multiple times and suggest our changes before the article was published. I can’t recommend Sabrina enough. Thanks again Sabrina for getting Regan’s story out to the wider community, it definitely has grown her collection of bread tags.”

— Penny Clark

What WE Can Do For YOU

  • Ghost-write your book / tell your story for you
  • Create website content and unique copy / write the words for your internet presence
  • Create SEO copy to help you attract your target audience/ write personalised blogs and social media posts
  • Edit, proofread and help you finish your projects
  • …and more

“I highly recommend Sabrina Davis and her work. Sabrina recently interviewed us, and wrote our story capturing the last few years leading up to the establishment of our business. She took the time to listen to what inspired us, and wrote a beautiful article which has since been published in two online publications . Thank you Sabrina, we are lucky to have you here and look forward to seeing more of your work!”

— Tamsin Wendt, Oceanview Eco Villas

Let’s tell a story together.